Designing Logos with Love

I have held the title of multiple media designer because of the many mediums I love to design in. Logos and brand identity being some of the most fun to design. Below I'm gonna showcase some of the logos I've had the pleasure of designing and developing...


Change That Diaper 


This site and app helps parents find safe and clean changing tables near them and areas they will travel to through crowd sourcing. I'm grateful for the opportunity to help develop this apps identity and front-end UI.

Below are images from early icon and logo design iterations to the final pick.

Change That Diaper icon development

Change That Diaper Logo iterations

Change That Diaper Logo iterations

Change That Diaper Logo iterations

Change That Diaper

Change That Diaper


Bangtown Timebomb 


Bangtown Timebomb is a rock band with an explosive live show that combines elements of punk, classic rock, and metal. Chunky riffs and driving rhythms co-exist with lush melodies and rousing choruses to create a sound like Joan Jett and Pat Benatar combined with classic punk and metal attitude. Yes, I'm very proud of my band.

Bangtown Timebomb logo

As for the band’s name, the explanation is simple: “Names are hard to commit to, but we were compelled to share our name with Bangor, the city that we all grew up around (and still live near),” said Sarah. “I grew up listening to Rancid and they influenced me a lot, so ‘Timebomb’ is a homage that we think fits well with ‘Bangtown.’”


Skateway Studio 


A rad studio for your music recording, recording tips, live music, and gear demos. Also based in Maine.

Below are some of the concepts developed to the final iteration chosen (the last couple images).

 Skateway Logo iterations 1

Skateway Logo iterations 2

Skateway Logo iterations 1

Final cleaned up logo below...

Skateway Logo Final


The Galleon Agency 


A fully integrated marketing and advertising agency with in-house designers.

The Galleon Agency Logo

The icon below...

The Galleon Agency Icon

And a simple example of a rack card below combining elements...

The Galleon Agency Rack Card


Thank You 


These have been some examples of love for graphic design that I enjoy doing. I appreciate you spending time here and your attention is invaluable, so again, thank you.

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