'The Fuck is This?

'The Fuck is This? By Jeff Prymowicz 2019

Is that me? What does it mean? It means I hate you and I love you. It means I love you and I hate you. It means something to you and it means something to me. It means something to me and it means something to you. It means you're pretty and you're ugly. It means you're ugly and you're pretty. We can go on and on and on and on...

There are so many thoughts flowing through a mind that they seem to come from separate voices. But how separate are these voices? Which voice is this? Could this be Moral? Or is this Ego? If so, then who keeps who in check so we are not helplessly lost in this world? Insanity might be an appropriate word. Can I survive with out the other? What kind of existence is that? Too many questions and there's not enough room in here for all the answers. A thousand words maybe.
We are different, but we have common ground. We are often alone together where we warily quarrel. Arguably this is a waste of time. Arguably this must happen before we can get anywhere else. Why somewhere else? Why here? We continue. We will quarrel endlessly until the less stubborn gives up, the overly stubborn turns toxic, or in this instance: WE'RE INTERRUPTED BY SOMEONE ELSE.


But who is it? We are both curious. We gaze in the same direction. I recognize her. I recognize her too. We're both still curious as if entranced while possessing a new found openness out of a shared will. She's holding something. Something big that we can faintly see our reflection in. She waves us closer to join her. As we get closer our reflection appears more faint until it becomes just a thought, a memory of something we thought we saw. She reveals what she's been holding: a 3 by 4 foot blank canvas and beckons us to join her. This is an opportunity to capture the experience, this shared experience, for the sake of experiencing it and experiencing it together. But how shall we paint it? JUST FUCKING PAINT IT.


What is right, what is wrong, where do I fall, and where do I stand? A mind can be a beautiful mess. I have a hard time articulating the meaning behind my paintings and illustrations, but I welcome the challenge to try, even if I'm the only one listening. Fumbling for meaning to create a painting can be paralyzing. It should be as simple as creating it because you want to create.

The Fuck is This? by Jeff Prymowicz Detail 1

(Digital sketch for 'The Fuck is This?)

Vocalizing our thoughts is a form of expression which can relieve us of our emotions so they can be actualized. If we get creative we can find many forms of expression can do this. Drawing and writing for example. There's a physiological energy that needs to be spent or it will build up like an unstable bomb bursting with suppressed feelings and thoughts (most likely addressed to the ones you love because they maybe the ones you're suppressing those thoughts from). So do some physical exercise (that's your excuse) and try to eat healthy (from nature) because that effects your brain and body too. Life is short. Don't be afraid to get creative and express yourself (unless it physically harms someone who REALLY doesn't deserve it).

'The Fuck is This? By Jeff Prymowicz 2019 Detail 2

'The Fuck is This? is a acrylic painting done on a 3 by 4 foot canvas. Check out the process of painting this piece below:

Thank You

I appreciate you spending time here and your attention is invaluable. Hopefully I will be writing more posts and sharing Creativity through curiosity with you.

If you have any questions, inquiries, or just want to reach out, then send me an email: info@jeffprymowiczart.com

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