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I'm filling life's metaphorical voids by exploring canvases as aesthetic challenges. With a strong use of line, color, drips, and texture, I'll usually draw and paint in a combination of themes from a curiosity of life, human nature, and imagination in an rough cartoon-y surreal style.

My name is Jeff Prymowicz (I pronounce my last name preh-maw-vich). I am a Maine based artist active in illustration, painting, printmaking, and animation. Born and raised in Maine, I attended studio art and new media programs at the Maine College of Art and the University of Maine. In 2018, I quit my full time corporate job as a multimedia designer to travel nomadically and create more art.

If you like, enjoy, appreciate, or get something out of what I do and want to support art, let me know by sending me a tip! Your support allows me to continue being creative, to share it with you, and is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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